The Internet has become a leading resource for you to showcase, grow or even automate your business. Nearly every type of product or service can be found on the World Wide Web.

There are many advantages to Internet marketing when compared to traditional marketing. The Internet provides exposure to your business, products and services 24 hours, seven days a week. Electronic marketing is inherently less expensive than traditional marketing mediums. Moreover, when successfully tapped into using the growing number of online marketing tools and techniques, the Internet provides a large number of prospective customers who are already seeking your products or services as can be determined by Internet search inquires. As a result, the Internet provides a cost effective method for reaching vast and relevant markets.

There has been a major evolution, Web 2.0, that has occurred on the World Wide Web over the past decade or so. Web 2.0 is a term coined for the way the web has grown away from a platform for static presentation and has evolved into a realm of information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration. Thus, deploying a Web 2.0 focused marketing strategy may be critical for developing and maintaining a competitive advantage for your business.

At Boost Business Consulting, we thrive on keeping pace with the latest marketing tools, techniques and technologies and applying them successfully to earn you a measurable return on your investment with minimal financial risk. If you are seeking to develop new business, increase your sales or achieve other business objectives by marketing over the Internet, we provide a flexible array of online marketing consulting services offered at several price points.

Web Development -
Let us help differentiate your website and start converting visitors to lasting
relationships.

Logo and Graphic Design - 
Boost Business Consulting offers comprehensive graphic design services
for both online and printed marketing materials. 

Content Development -
       At Boost Business Consulting, we strive to understand your distinctive
business style and work collaboratively with you to develop text-based and
graphical web content that represents your business strengths and
successfully markets your products and services. Further, we can help you
develop content that is informative, easy to read and effective in converting
website visitors to cash customers or loyal members, depending on your
organization's core objectives.

Boost Business Consulting provides content writing services for web, email
and print marketing, business correspondence and contracts, or any custom
writing project.

Social Media Marketing -
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, + over 100 other
social networking sites - Social Media Marketing is taking off. Don't get left
behind. Let us meet with you and demonstrate the many benefits your
organization will receive by implementing Social Media Marketing.

eCommerce -
PayPal, Storefront and more. Convert website visitors to cash by offering
your website visitors the exciting option to purchase your products or
services 24 hours a day using PayPal, Storefront or a custom-built
electronic store.

Web Listing Services -
We can help boost your local visibility by listing your organization's key
information (i.e., contact info, website address, etc.) in over 100 search
and directory sites, including Google Maps and Yahoo! Local.

Search Engine (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing -
We specialize in helping our clients advertise online, and you only pay a fee
when prospective clients click your advertisements and are presented with
your website. This is one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums
available because you have full control to specify your daily budget, starting
at as little as $10 per day. Plus, you can start or stop your ad at any time,
and you can receive detailed reports to help you determine and improve
your exact return on your advertising investment.

If you are interested in having your organization's website-linked
advertisements display above or next to the search results on Google or
other search engine's sites, we can help your create your ads, define your
keywords, optimize your bidding strategy, manage your electronic
advertising campaign(s) and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -
SEO is the process of deploying techniques that improve the volume of
traffic to an organization's website by improving rankings in the search
engine results pages. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these
techniques with you to determine if SEO is a good fit for your organization's
overall marketing strategy.

Client-Friendly Email Marketing -
Client Friendly Email Marketing is a cost effective marketing technique that
uses email to distribute your company's marketing message to a subscribed
group of prospective and existing clients. We will help you develop, test,
track and achieve profit from your email marketing campaigns.

Traditional Print Marketing -
Boost Business Consulting offers advertisement, business card, brochure,
and other print marketing design, development, distribution and tracking
Our Marketing Services:

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> eCommerce

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> Search Engine Marketing

> Search Engine Optimization    (SEO)

> Client-Friendly Email Marketing

> Traditional Print Collateral
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